The US Medical Residency

Congratulations! You’ve decided to come to the United States to join the residency of your interest. It’s a long road ahead, but it’s not impossible! You have to make your decisions based on the right information and correct impressions. Here, I’ve written all the steps with explanations for you. They include things that I’ve learned, gathered, and experienced over the years. They will help you take shortcuts and save you from putting out unnecessary effort, money, and even emotions.
You must be prepared from day 1. You must know where the finish line is, what is waiting at the finish line, and what is on the way to the finish line. You must study all your options. You must know what you are going to go through before you opt to start. The information here is vital. Also, I provide all the resources where you can go to explore more. Continue reading >>

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J1 visa application process

DOCUMENTATION REQUIRED OF ALL INITIAL APPLICANTS (ACGME-ACCREDITED PROGRAMS)   1.    Contract or letter of offer: This will be mailed to applicant within 2 weeks after acceptance through the match. Each applicant must


  This is the list of the latest info-graphics. These info-graphics explain most of the subjects related to preparing yourself to the US medical Residency. You still need to read through the

دورة الزمالة الأمريكية لطلاب الطب والأطباء واختبارات ال USMLE

دورة الزمالة الأمريكية واختبارات USMLE  للأطباء وطلاب الطب من جميع المراحل الدراسية     شرح عن الزمالة الطبية وأهمية الإستعداد لها مبكرا ماهي حياة الطبيب المهنية؟ ماهي المراحل الدراسية للطبيب؟ ماهي المناصب

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